other worlds or a life I felt passing through mine | say goodbye (to the world you thought you lived in) fanmix

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fanmixer's notes

At first, it seemed like a daunting task to create a fanmix inspired by the work of the crazy talented K/[livejournal.com profile] hitlikehammers. So imagine my surprise (and relief) when the mix flowed out with only a few minor hitches. Credit must go to K, who wrote a gorgeous fic. I took my cues from her, from her choice of point of view character to the way she developed the narrative. I've arranged this to mimic the emotional arc of Mark – and of his and Eduardo's relationship – as Mark goes through the process of setting things right/getting Wardo back only to lose him right after, again and again and again and again. I can only hope I succeeded somewhat in evoking say goodbye (to the world you thought you lived in)'s mood and events and general greatness.

credit where credit is due

Title taken from 'Other Lives and Dimensions and Finally a Love Poem', by Bob Hicock.

Here when I say 'I never want to be without you,'
somewhere else I am saying
'I never want to be without you again.' And when I touch you
in each of the places we meet

in all of the lives we are, it’s with hands that are dying
and resurrected.
When I don’t touch you it’s a mistake in any life,
in each place and forever.


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