under my lids a splinter sharp

indistinguishable from magic fanmix

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fanmixer's notes

It was great fun creating this fanmix. Comprised mostly of instrumental songs, “Under my lids a splinter sharp” is my attempt at a soundtrack for barrowjane's incredible fanfic.
Indistinguishable from Magic is a tale about the power of storytelling – how the stories we tell ourselves and each other can be a prison as much as refuge, how they can speak to writers / readers' desires and fears alike, and how they can, ultimately, heal scars and bring people together. It is also a tale about a boy who dreams of space, who knows his fairy tales and sees clearly when no one else can. It is an adventure and a mystery, and a love story to boot. I can only hope the soundtrack I've compiled does the fic justice, in the ways it may evoke Indistinguishable from Magic's atmosphere and events.

credit where credit is due

Title taken from "The Snow Queen" (The fact of a doorframe: selected poems 1950 - 2000), by Adrienne Rich.

Image by
multi-media artist Meg Fox at Healing through Literary, Visual and Performance Art.



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