Saturday night: uneventful, unless one considers watching three movies in a roll a terribly exciting thing... I guess it would depend on the selection, really. Mine is as follows,

Tango - like all Carlos Saura's previous films, it featured beautiful music and great dance numbers. The plot, though, didn't do the musicians and dancers justice. As it was, Tango was a fine, fine effort by a director that I know can do better.

Lost in translation - lovely work; I dare say, close to perfection. Best acting by Murray since Rushmore and all his interactions with Scarlett Johansson broke my heart a little, in a good way.

Taking lives - entertaining enough if your expectations aren't too high. Cliches abound - I could spot the killer a mile away. Criminal under usage of the fabulous Marie-Josée Croze and the interesting Jean-Hugues Anglade. Angelina Jolie looks good amid the mess.


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